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First, most comprehensive DeFi aggregator that allows users to interact with several DeFi protocols from a single web-interface, and users are able to mine DES coin when they use the aggregator interface to execute DeFi and NFT transactions.
With DeSpace Protocol, users can buy, sell, stake and transfer NFT assets irrespective of the marketplace where those assets are, while they earn DES coin from every successful transaction.
With DeSpace Protocol you are sure of the following👇

Earn back a proportion of the money spent on DeFi and NFT protocols by mining DES coin when you transact via DeSpace Protocol
DeSpace Protocol consists of DeFi and NFT products that are built on DeChain blockchain making them multi-chain compatible
User friendly
DeSpace Protocol is a suite of
intuitive and easy to use products and solutions
Being ZK-rollup compatible makes users transactions to be anonymous and private when necessary
Easy profit
Users earn when they execute transactions via DeSpace Protocol ecosystem
DeSpace protocol is fully decentralized. Privacy and auditability focused. Best suited for both institutional and individual transactions.
Navigate the world of DeFi and NFTs via👇

Mining &
Liquidity Farming
Yield Farming
Collateralised stablecoins
Users can easily connect and transact at 👇
And over hundreds of other DeFi and NFT protocols.
DeSpace is powered by a layer two blockchain solution known as DeChain. Dechain is a blockchain protocol that is compatible with several blockchain protocols designed to help reduce the transaction cost and transaction wait time by compensating users through Des coin and Des NFT mining and staking rewards. Dechain is able to power DeSpace protocol through a unique blockchain algorithm known as Decentralized proof of transaction and decentralized proof of stake (DPoTS).