Despace protocol
NFT Auction Brief
Information for adding a Auction to
Chat ID
Enter chat ID from Telegram Bot
Project name / Celebrity name
Owner info. Short bio on the celebrity
Website (Optional)
Contact person ( Telegram )
Company designer, CM, Product Manager, CEO , etc
Description of the NFT. What is your vision for the NFT?
Please also explain what prompted the celebrity to create this NFT, and any special significance it might have.
NFT token name
(This is usually the name of the project or celebrity) *
NFT token symbol
(Three or four letters, e.g. GRT, DES, TRY, etc.) *
How many auction events would you like?
To ensure every auction is a special event, the sale is limited to 1 NFT per auction.
Starting price in $USD. We recommend setting the starting price at $500.
If you are planning several auctions, then indicate the starting price of each of them (starting prices may vary for different auctions).
NFT Sources ( JPG | PNG | GIF | MP4 )
Upload your NFTs which you want to add on to Dropbox or Google Drive and attach the link below.
If you don't have NFTs for Auction and you need to create them, fill out the NFT Creation Brief.

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